[ECM1.03] osCommerce Shopping Cart

osCommerce is a free fully featured shopping cart solution that includes many features including templates, customer logins and support for Paypal and Worldpay. Please note that installing this CGI Script will use one of your MySQL databases.

Enter the directory you would like to install osCommerce Shopping Cart to on www.youdomain.com. Please note the following:

To install into the main website directory, so it appears as soon as you go to http://www.yourdomain.com/, please leave the box blank.

Please note that this installation process will not overwrite any files that exist with the same name. So please ensure the directory you are installing to is empty.

If the directory does not exist we will create it for you, if it does exist please ensure it is empty.

  1. Log into your hosting control panel (http://www.extendcp.com) with the login details sent to you
  2. Under the E-commerce help section, click on osCommerce Shopping Cart
  3. Install

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