[WTL1.04] MySQL Databases

MySQL databases allow you to store important information in a format that can easily be read by other programs and systems. You can use MySQL databases to store customer information or as the backend for a shopping cart system.

From this area you can also manage your database by using phpMyAdmin, an easy to use web based interface for managing MySQL databases.

The username should contain letters, numbers, "_",and "-" and must not start nor end with "-". It should not contain the words "test", "root", "mysql", nor "alive" and must be 9 characters long or less. The password should be at least 6 characters long and may not be blank.

  1. Log into your hosting control panel (http://www.extendcp.com) with the login details sent to you
  2. Under the Web Tools section, click on MySQL Databases
  3. Enter Username & Password
  4. Click Create

If you want to set up an extra user without a corresponding database and set up its permissions manually (via phpMyAdmin for the database you want to grant privileges on) please fill in the details below.

  1. Enter Stand alone Username & Password
  2. Create

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