[WTL1.02] Free Internet Access

We have a great free dialup service, you don't need to sign up, there are no forms to fill in and it's really very simple to use. Our features include:-

  • Fast, free and reliable dialup internet access
  • Pay-as-you-go. No subscription fees or contract
  • 0845 local call rates paid via your phone bill
  • Up to 56 Kbps modem speeds
  • Free and easy to set up
  • Anyone can use it
  • Free for businesses, home users, students, anyone!
  • Great for while you are on holiday with your laptop
Simply have your computer dial : 0845 604 0489

The easiest way to setup our free internet access is download our free setup wizard, it only takes a few seconds to download and configures your computer to connect to us (Microsoft® Windowstm only).
  1. Log into your hosting control panel (http://www.extendcp.com) with the login details sent to you
  2. Under the Web Tools section, click on Free Internet Access

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