[EML1.10] Outlook errors are occurring intermittently in the form of 0x800CCC0E, 0x800CCC6F, 0x80042108 etc.

Errors produced in Outlook and Outlook Express in the form of 0x800***** can be referenced by the Microsoft support database at http://support.microsoft.com/ which will give the cause and solution to the error.

Common causes of these issues:

- SMTP authentication enabled/disabled when it should be the opposite.

- Your ISP is blocking access to 3rd party SMTP servers, try changing the SMTP port to '587', or try using your ISP's SMTP server details.

- Your Outlook account has become corrupt, delete and re-create it to try resolving this.

- The package has only been created in the last few hours, and the DNS changes have not yet fully propagated.

- Your firewall could even be blocking your mail client if you haven't used it before.

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