[WBP3.01] Starting to Work with Web Builder Plus

After you have logged into the Web Builder Plus, you can overview the Web Builder Plus functionality and select its interface language. The following picture displays the Overview page, where you can see short descriptions of five steps of the Wizard.

Starting to Work with Web Builder Plus

The Web Builder Plus steps are the following:

* Design enables you to choose your website layout, color scheme, button style, a flash movie for the first page, and so on.
* Pages enables you to create and edit your website structure.
* Edit enables you to create and edit your website content.
* Publish enables you to publish your website to the server.

To start creating your website

* Click the Design tab at the top of the page.
* Click Design in the main work area.
* Click Next Step in the lower right corner of the page.

To change the Wizard interface language, select the language you need from the Interface language list.

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