[WBP2.04] Inserting Meta Tags into HTML Code in Web Builder Plus

Some search engines, such as Alta Vista, Excite, Lycos, Yahoo and other, use "meta tags" embedded in the HTML code in your website to index web documents. Meta tags are inserted into the "head" area of your web pages. There are three most common types of meta tags: website title (TITLE tag), website description (META DESCRIPTION tag), and website keywords (META KEYWORDS tag).

Though the use of meta tags does not guarantee your web page a top ranking on crawler-based search engines, it is a good way for website owners to control how their web pages are described by some search engines. Meta tags are useful for additional website promotion with some search engines. The Web Builder Plus Wizard enables you to easily insert meta tags in the HTML code of your website.

To insert meta tags in website builder plus go to the edit section and edit the Title, Page Keywords and Page Description section which is located in the bottom left corner of the edit screen. Please note - do not use the ampersand character '&' in either the description or keywords as this will fail.

Title: Enter the name of your website that will be displayed in the title bar of a browser window in the Site title field. This title bar is located at the upper left corner of a browser window. The website titles are important because they identify your page for users and search engines use titles as the primary identifier for listing pages in search results. Therefore, the title should be short, unique, and descriptive.

Page Keywords: Enter several keywords or phrases separated with a comma, which describe your website best in the Site keywords field. Some search engines that support keyword searching will index your website using the keywords you provide.

Page Description: Type a short description of your page displayed by search engines when they hit your website in the Site description field. Keep your description short and informative (25-30 words) or most of your description will be truncated. It is worthwhile to use the meta description tag for your pages, because it gives you some control with various crawlers.

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