[WBP2.03] Creating and Editing Website Content in the WebBuilder

The Web Builder Plus application offers a user-friendly WYSIWYG content editor, which enables you to see the content on the display screen exactly as it will appear on the Internet. The Web Builder Plus editor is organized in such a way that the text you type on pages and the design of pages are independent. Therefore, you can completely change the design for a page after you have typed a text on this page, without having to re-enter your text.

To create and edit your website content, click the Edit tab. The Edit page opens.

Creating and Editing Website Content

The interface of the Web Builder Plus editor should be familiar to users who have had a previous experience with Microsoft Office applications The editor main window consists of the following parts:

1. Editor toolbar provides access to commands used to edit textual information.

Editor toolbar
2. Modules toolbar contains modules icons used to insert modules into HTML pages.

Modules toolbar
3. Work area, where you can add and edit the contents of your website. To navigate to different pages of your website, click the corresponding links.

If the default size of the editor window is too small for you, click Full screen to enlarge the editor window to the full screen. To return to the smaller Web Builder Plus screen, click Normal screen.

To save the changes you have made while editing the content, click Save changes.

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