[WBB2.29] Uploading Images in the WebBuilder

If you want to upload an image to your webpage in the WebBuilder, click the Select Image button and you will see the Image Uploader page. In Web Builder you can upload images from your computer, from your image gallery and from the gallery provided by your hosting provider.

To upload image with Rich Editor, click the image button on the Rich Editor page.

• Upload: upload files from your computer.

You can upload images into the folder images/ or create new destination subfolder.

To upload the image:

1. Click Browse and go to the directory or folder on your computer where your picture is saved.

2. Select the picture you want to add to your page

3. Click the Open button. The location of the selected file appears in the "Upload Image" window.

4. Click the Save button in the "Upload Image" window.
You can upload up to 5 files at once.

• Your Gallery: choose from the images that you have uploaded before.

• Our Gallery: select images from the Web Builder provided by your hoster. Users can use these images, but they can't upload or change images in this gallery.

• Options: choosing this tab will bring you to the Gallery Options page.

Here you can:

- Show images with the following extensions in your gallery: gif, jpg/jpeg, png and bmp;

- Show/not show image thumbnails;

- Set Thumbnail size (one of 3 options);

- Sort images by name, size and date (in ascending or descending order).

Make sure to click the Save button to save all changes.

Clicking the lens icon in the image gallery will zoom the image out.

Clicking the Resize Image icon will let you change image size.

If you resized image in Our Gallery (customer's gallery), then the resized copy will be stored in Your Gallery. The reason is because user has no permissions to resize or change images of the provider's gallery.

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