[WBB2.28] The Standard Settings Tab in Web Builder

Page Title

Page title is the text that will show at the top of the menu bar. In this field, you can change Web Builder default name from "Fun Page" to, say, "Laugh with us".

Button Text

This is the text that will show up on your site's menu among other page names. It may be the same as the Page Title, or you can give it a different name. For example, if your Page Title is "Fun Page", you may want to add some versatility by typing something like "Smile!"

File Name

Technically, your site is nothing but an organized inter-linked group of html pages (files). Web Builder enables you to assign a specific name for every page that you add to your site. It is recommended that your file name only includes letters of Latin alphabet and numbers. Try to avoid non-Latin characters, spaces, underlines, commas, dots, hyphens, etc.

Title, Text, Heading

You can select:

• Font - use pull-down menu;

• Color - click on Change color button, when the color scheme appears, click on Selected color;

• Lettering Style—simply click on letter symbol.

After you change the settings click Next to see the result.

Rollover effect

When you move your mouse over some elements on a page, they may change their color, shape and other properties. This is called Rollover Effect.

Background Image

You can place the contents of your page on an image. However, try to be discreet with choosing the background. Avoid using photographs or bright decorations, as they may hinder text readability.


Web Builder allows you to change the color palette for every site's page. Their default HTML codes are in the boxes next to the parameter names. You don't need to know these codes. Instead, click the icon to call a Color Picker—a palette with colors available—and select the color you like. The "Color" section allows you to change background, text and links color. Just select the element you wish to modify and click on the color you like.

Note: If you decide to change background color, ensure that the text on your page is clearly readable. There must be sufficient contrast between the text and the background image. A background with too much contrast competes with the text for reader's attention and makes it difficult to read.


A couple of designs in Web Builder allow adding banners on user sites: Stylish Oval (for both website categories) and Strong (for Small Business category ). In this case simply enter the HTML banner code into the Add your banner code input box on the Settings tab.

In other designs, users can add banners only as images with hyperlinks by entering the banner code in any of the Paragraph boxes under the Edit tab.
Disable banner on this page: Check this box if you want to avoid adding banners to this page.


You can make your page open to general public or closed (secure). Secure sites or pages are often used by multinational companies to communicate closed information to its representatives worldwide, where e-mailing is not appropriate.

To secure restrict access to the page, choose Yes. The frame will expand to include a drop-down list box where you can choose who is allowed to view the page: none, all users, some users, some groups, some IPs and domains.

• Choosing none will disallow access to this page for all users

• Choosing all users will open access to this page for all users

• Choosing some users will open access to this page for specific users. To open them an access, check boxes near the users and click Next to proceed.

• Choosing some groups will open access to this page for the chosen groups. To allow access, check the chosen groups and click Next to proceed.

• Choosing some IPs and domains will open access to this page for specified IPs and domains.

To allow access for specific IPs and domains, enter IPs and domains into the Some IPs & Domains to Allow box separating them with hard return.

To restrict access for specific IPs and domains, enter IPs and domains into the Some IPs & Domains to Deny box separating them with hard return.

To create an authorized user or user group, go to Site Settings -> Edit Security Information (for comments see Edit Security Information help section).

Invisible Pages

From version 1.6RC1 and higher, Web Builder allows to avoid linking pages to site navigation menu. Visitors won't be able to see such pages from the website menu and from the Site Map page. However such pages are available from the top Web Builder panel - Site Map.

To make page invisible from the menu, click the Page Settings tab, scroll down to the bottom the page and check the Make this page invisible box. Make sure to click Next to proceed

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