[WBB2.27] The 'Contact Us' Page

The Contact Us page is a detailed description of your company's contact info. It has the same functionalities as the About and Welcome pages, but includes more specific information.

To configure the Contact Us page, fill out the form:

Enter general information:

• Page Title: enter the text that will show up on the Contact Us page in big letters. This can be the name of your company or something like "Our Contact Info" etc.

• Page Intro Paragraph: enter some general introduction to this page.

Enter your postal address:

• Select your country from the drop-down box;

• Enter your Street address and building.

• Optionally, enter one more optional address if your company has two different offices;

• Enter the City your company is situated.

• Enter State (for non-US companies—province, county, district etc);

• Enter Zip code.

Other contact Info:

• Enter Phone and Fax numbers;

• Enter your company contact Email address;

It is important that you ensure that you always enter a valid email address in the Global Settings (Site Settings) section of Web Builder to ensure that the email section of the Contact Us template works properly.

The Contact Us page also allows to attach a map that will help to get to your company. There are two options to add a map: either the one generated with Mapquest or a map of your own.

Mapquest takes the address you have entered in the form above and generates a map. To add a map:

• Select Enable for Request for Map at Mapquest

• To address your site visitors to the map, you can:

- Create a Text for a Link;

- Select a Button image.

Important: The Search Location on a Map link will work only in the published site. You won't be able to check any maps until then.

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