[WBB2.25] The 'Careers and Jobs' Page

This template will help to post your announcements about free vacancies in your company on the Careers and Jobs page with all necessary requirements and contact info.

Page Title is a text that shows at the top of this page as a header e.g:"Our Vacancies", "Find a Job" etc. It can also serve as a header to the introductory paragraph.

Intro paragraph is introductory information about free vacancies in your company or your business partner.

Text is an optional field. Here you can say, for instance, "Our current positions are:".

To configure this page and add as many positions as you need:

• Click Add.

• Enter the Position title, there can be several positions.

• Enter the Requirements for this positions: specific knowledges, experience, personal features.

• Leave a Contact email.

• Click Next to save position and get to the intro page.

Positions can be edited:

• To add more positions, click the Add icon and repeat previous actions.

• To make some changes, click Edit;

• To delete a position, click Delete;

• To change the order of positions, click Order and follow online instructions.

Make sure to click Next to save all changes.

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