[WBB2.24] The 'News and Events' Page

The News and Events page is a good way to inform your site visitors about the up-to-date events of your company, e.g: presentations, conferences, seminars, corporate receptions, issuing new products, etc.

Page Title is a text that shows at the top of this page as a header. It can serve as a header to the introductory paragraph.

Intro paragraph is introductory information about your company's history. To add a paragraph:

• Click Add in the paragraph section.

• Enter the Paragraph header: this text will serve as a name or introduction for the paragraph.

• Click Select Image to upload the image. Follow on-screen instructions to add a new image.

• Enter Paragraph Text. This could be some short information about the history of company's events or description of company's most important event.

• Choose Image and Text Appearance for the news from the templates listed below.

• Click Next to save paragraph.

News serve for posting specific dates and related events. To post your company's news or events:

• Click the Add button in the News section. It will call a simple form.

• To fill the form, enter the Date and Description of the date.

• Click Next to save news.

Click Next to preview the newly-created page.

The News page can be edited:

• To add more Intro paragraphs/News, click the Add icon and repeat previous actions.

• To make some changes, click Edit;

• To delete paragraph, click Delete;

• To change the order of products, click Order and follow online instructions.

Make sure to click Next to save all changes.

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