[WBB2.22] The 'Company Profile' Page

One more way to introduce your business and tell visitors about different areas of company's activity is to create a Company Profile page. It's also a good place to show pictures of your staff, partners, describe social activities or professional services offered by your company.

• Page Title:
the text that shows at the top of the Company Profile page as a header.

• Page Intro Paragraph:
The introductory paragraph to the Company Profile page.

Click the Add button to create a new Company Profile. It will call a new form.

• Enter the Paragraph Header—short introductory text about the paragraph.
E.g: if you dedicate the Company Profile to your staff, Paragraph Headers can serve as names and positions of your co-workers.

• Click the Select Image button if you want to upload an image to this paragraph. Follow on-screen instructions to upload the image. Later you can remove the image by clicking the Remove Image button.

• Enter Paragraph Text;

• Choose the template for the paragraph from the options listed;

• Click Next to continue;

• To add one more paragraph, click Add and repeat all steps;

• Click Next to preview page;

• To make some changes, click Edit;

• To delete paragraph, click Delete;

• Click Next when finished.

• To change the order of paragraphs, click Order and follow online instructions.

To save changes, make sure to click Next.

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