[WBB2.15] The 'Driving Directions' Page

This is a powerful tool for visitors to get the driving directions to any address in North America that you specify. For a personal site, this can be your home or hangout. For a business site, show the location of your restaurant, store (supermarket) or a service center.

To create the page, make sure to properly enter the details of the destination address and press the Next button to preview. It will result in the amp itself.

To change data, click the Edit tab.

Important: The Get Directions button will work only in the published site. You won't be able to check Directions until then.

Please note that driving directions are not a part of Web Builder, those are third party products and even minor changes on the corresponding site can break links to the map. We are trying to track any changes, but in case there are some problems, we bear no responsibility for broken links and incorrect maps.

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