[WBB2.14] The 'ICQ Contact Center' Page

If you extensively use ICQ, you will find this form of messaging the most convenient.

To add the ICQ Contact Center page, fill out the fields:

• ICQ Number:
your active ICQ number to which the messages will be directed. You can copy it from your ICQ View/Change My Details window.

• Subject:
Every message directed to you by a visitor of your site will have this subject included. A good name for the Subject would be something like "Sent From My Site".

• Online Indicator Type:
Your ICQ-message page contains an online indicator that shows your current status (e.g. online or offline). Here, you can choose how you want it to look. To preview, click the View tab. To continue editing, click Edit tab.

• Status Indicator Description:
The text that appears next to the online indicator. You can change the default text to, for instance, "The Webmaster is". Some indicator types include text like "My current status is:" For these types, keep this field blank.

Press the Next button to proceed.

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