[WBB2.12] The 'Genealogical Tree' Page

Your family page includes two major blocks of information, one about the whole family, and the other about its individual representatives.

To provide general family information, enter the following fields:

• Title:
It could be as generic as "My Family" or as specific as "The Simpson's Family Tree".

• Header Text:
give some introductory information about your family.

• Family Portrait:
Click the Select Image button to add a picture from your computer.

To provide information about individual family representatives:

• Click the Add button. The Family Member form will appear.

• Fill out the form. (Note: The date format does not matter). It is recommended to start your Family Tree with the ancestors.

Warning: Clicking the Delete tab will remove the whole Family Tree Page, not a family member page! To remove individual persons from the family tree, click Next in the Family Member form to return to the Family Tree form and click the Delete button on the left of the person's name.

On the Family Tree central page you can see the general family genealogy information.

To view individual family member's page, click this person's name. To return to the general family page, click Back to Family Tree at the bottom.

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