[WBB2.10] The 'Survey Form' Page

This template will help you develop a custom online questionnaire. Use it to research public opinion or to get feedback from your customers.

To generate a questionnaire, fill out the form:

Page Title:
Page title is the text that will show at the top of the menu bar. For convenience, it duplicates the same field in the Settings tab. In this field, you can change Web Builder default name from "Survey" to, say, "Questionnaire" or "Feedback".

E-mail To:
Here, enter the address where you want the survey results e-mailed. It can be the Webmaster's (i.e. your) address as well as any other address you specify.

To add a question, click the Add button on the right. A new form appears. Checking "Yes" in the Is The Answer Required field marks the survey question with a red asterisk. The survey will not be accepted from a visitor If one or more asterisked questions remain unanswered.

The Question Type determines the format of the suggested answer:

• True/False: the answer should state true or false.

• Yes/No: the answer should be Yes or No.

• Single Line: the answer should fit in one line (for a bit complex questions).

• Multiple lines: for more comprehensive interrogative answers.

• Date: the answer should contain a date.

Carefully fill out this form and click the Next button to proceed.

On Successful Submission of the Form:
Here, enter the text you want the visitor to see after the form has been accepted.

On Error Submission of the Form:
Here, enter the text you want the visitor to see after the form has been rejected or an error occurred.

Click the Next button to generate the questionnaire.

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