[WBB2.09] The 'Fun' Page

Fun page template helps you organize your fun topics. To add an item, click the Add button for the appropriate category and fill out the form that appears.
To add pictures to your Fun Page:

• Click Add in the in the Add Funny Pictures box. A new form will appear.

• Enter the name of the picture.

• Click the Select Image button. You will be brought to the Upload Images page. Follow on-screen instructions to add the new image.

• Add text. This may be any comment to the new image.

• Click the Next button to proceed.

• Click the View tab to see the page preview.

• Click the Edit tab to continue editing the page.

To change or remove images or texts, use the Edit and Delete buttons on the left of the picture or text.

To add more images to your album click Add and repeat the steps above.
To change the order of the jokes, images or stories, click the Order Items button in the appropriate form. A new form will appear. Follow on-screen instructions to change the order of the items in the topic. .

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