[WBB2.07] The 'Photo Album' Page

For you, a photo gallery may become the central element with photos of yourself, your friends, your family, your art works, postcards, etc.

To create a photo album, fill out the fields in the form as the first step:

• Title:
the text that shows at the top of the menu bar.

• Select numbers of pictures per page:
Mind the size of your pictures. It is recommended that all your pictures fit one screen. Follow the simple rule: the bigger the image size, the fewer pictures per page.

• Enter the number of columns:
Change this parameter depending on whether your images have a horizontal or a vertical layout.

In the next step, add images to the Photo Album:

• Click Add. A new form will appear;

• Fill in the picture title and the date in any format;

• Click the Select Image button. You will be brought to the Upload Images page. Follow on-screen instructions to add a new image.

• Add details. This may be a description of the place or names of people in the picture.

• Click the Next button to proceed.

To change or remove images, use the buttons under the Image.
To add more images to your album, click Add and repeat the steps above .

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