[WBB2.06] The 'Custom Table' Page

Custom page table is a page with any data organized in a table format. To create a table, fill out the form:

• Border:
enter a numerical value representing the width of grids in pixels. To hide grids, leave the field empty or enter 0.

• Width:
Table width can be indicated in pixels or in percent of the page width. To enter width in percent, put the "%" symbol after the numerical value.

• Cell Padding:
distance from text to border, both vertical and horizontal.

• Align:
aligns the table on the page.

• Resize:
Enter the number of rows and columns for your table and press Resize button before clicking Next.

If you want to group and join some cells, check the corresponding boxes and click the Join Selected button.

Note: If you input an incompatible set of parameters, Web Builder will optimize conflicts in these data

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