[WBB2.05] The 'Links' Page

Part of expressing yourself through a web page is including links to your favorite web sites. The links you choose to include on your page can communicate your interests and hobbies. A carefully designed collection of related links can make your site a good launching place and will help you promote your site.
• Header Text:
The text that shows at the top of the Links page as a header. It usually details the page or serves as a header to the introductory paragraph.

• Paragraph:
The introductory paragraph to the Links page.

• Columns of Links to Display:
Links can be organized into multiple columns.

• Addbutton is used to create a new Link category.
To keep your links organized, Web Builder places new entries into categories. To add a category or links to your Links page:

• Click the Add button. This will call another form.

• Enter the name of the category;

• Click Add (Add Link);

• Fill in the fields (Site title and Site URL), than click Next to continue;

• To add link, click Add;

• To make some changes, click Edit;

• To delete link, click Remove;

• Click Next when finished.

To edit an existing category:

• Click Edit button;

• Edit the name of the category;

• Click Add to include a new link;

• Click Next to save changes.

To delete an existing category, click Delete button. Warning: All links contained in this category will be permanently deleted!

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