[WBB2.03] The 'Resume' Page

This is the central page for those who seek employment via the Internet. It provides an easy-to-use wizard that allows you to effectively manipulate the data you would like to include into your resume (CV).

As the first step, you will see seven boxes with suggested section headings, each with an Add button on its right.

1. Click the Add button to enter data into the relevant section.

2. Fill the new form that appears and press Next. The information you entered will show on the main Resume page together with the Edit and Delete buttons.

3. Click Edit if you want to change contents of the box, and Delete if you want to clear the contents.

4. Follow this instruction for every section you want to include into your resume. Note: In the Experience section form, you will have an in-built form for job duties. The instructions are exactly the same as above.
Attention: Make sure you don't add empty forms! They will be included into your resume, too.

You can preview your resume at any moment by clicking the View tab (see more on Tabs). All your changes will NOT be lost. At the end, however, don't forget to confirm the changes by pressing the Next button!

Now that you see your resume in a complete form, you may see how to make it more visually appealing. Click Settings tab to change color, font or style (see more on Tabs).

When you have your web page in front of you, you may decide to change the order of some paragraphs. It's simple and fast.

• Click the Order Elements (in the Edit tab when you have added options) link to re-order your paragraphs. A new window will appear.

• In the box, click to highlight the name of the item you want to move;

• Use the up and down buttons to move the selected item up or down the list;

• Click the Next button to save changes and return to the Resume Edit page.

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