[WBB2.04] The 'Welcome' Page

The Welcome page can be used as the home page that welcomes visitors and automatically contains links to all other pages that are taken from the titles of the latter. When you change the title of any page, it will reflect on the Welcome page as well. It introduces visitors with all other pages on your site with images and short descriptions to them.

To configure the Welcome page, fill out the page form:

• Page Title: enter the text that will show up on the Welcome page in big letters. This would usually be either the name of your site or a welcome sentence.

• Page Text: enter some general introduction to this page.

• Title: this field automatically shows the webpage title. Though you still can edit it.

• Description: enter short description of this page. This text will appear under the Title.

Enter your text into the boxes provided. Paragraph headings are optional.

Web Builder allows you to include a picture into the Welcome page. This could be your picture, a logo or any other relevant image. To add a picture, click the Select Image button. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

After you add an image, its thumb view will become available in the form, as well as a Remove Image button. Click it to remove selected image from the Welcome page.

After you key in or copy/paste the data you want to show on your Welcome page, click the Next button to save your settings, and you will be brought to the View tab.

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