[GEN01] My site seems offline

If you believe your site is facing problems and to verify if its your end or ours, you can run a traceroute which should indicate where the connection is failing.

To perform a trace route in Microsoft Windows please carry out the following steps
If you are running Windows XP
1. Click on the Windows start button and then select "Run".
2. In the run box type the word "CMD" and click "OK".
Go to 3

If you are running Windows Vista
1. Click on the Windows start button and then select, "Programs", "Accessories", "Command Prompt".
Go to 3

3. In the black screen which appears type "tracert www.yourdomain.com" then press "enter" (yourdomain.com is your domain name in question)
4. A list of all the computers carrying data between your computer and
our server will gradually appear.

If you are running a Mac OS
1. Open Applications > Utilities > Network Utility.

The Network Utility window opens to display half a dozen tabs.

2.Click on the Traceroute tab to call up the Traceroute interface in the text box near the top of the window enter www.yourdomain.com and Click the Trace button.

You can alternatively copy paste the results back to us so we can anlyse and help

To copy from MSDOS/ Command prompt

  1. right click and click on "Mark"
  2. Drag and highlight the section to copy
  3. RIght click again and the text is now copied to your clipbaord without even doing a copy

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